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SmashBros Melee - Video 0.0 and Gray screen


you need special dolphin plugin for dolwin , not the original dolphinvideo.dll
use the seach to find it.


I have it already. smash bros. melee is so slow with Dolwin but I don' crash after
1st level. I post you screenshots to it :happy: :


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thanks but i had that i trye to add urs in but i still got the same thing and it still crashes after the fight battle =/


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Fool, would you mind telling me how it worked for you.. for me i still received the grey screen. Yes i have Dolphin GFX, Dolwin 0.10 etc.., Knuckle's patch


Ah I had another problem. I have changed something in my settings and now I get stupid Gekko registers. Somebody had that problem before. I will attach my Dolwin folder when I will fix the problem. So can you help me ? ;)


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First off, this is how you get SSBM to Run:

1) Follow Knuckles guide
2) Enable ALL the controllers in Dolwin. NOTE: You don't have to configure them.
3) Load the Patch, then SSBM and there you go.