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Smash Bros Melee Model Viewer Status


a.k.a. the DtTvB
Or, can you tell me the file format?
I can't split the file, I tried examine the file using a HEX editor, but it doesn't help, can you tell me the structure of it?

Sercio, some models are messed up, like wrong texture, try the non-smash Mario.

P.S. I am using ASUS Radeon 9600xt.

By the way, while I enjoyed with search engine,
by typing some random words, I found this thread,
which contains image I posted here, they discussed how does Samus in that image spin.

Answer: »That model spins counter clockwise.«
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I've been waiting nearly a year for a viewer for smash bros... I'm growing rather impatient.

is there any news or updates?


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Technically. Yes, Its dead

Technically, YES. This Thread is dead.

Jahra!n seemed to have given up. I think he put up what he did and said other people can finish it.

My Max Import/Export script is finished, though i havent tried exporting and I dont plan to release it [at least til someone releases a viewer]

SarahHarp gave up on SSBM as Near as I know to work on other projects.

I don't think anyone else was working on one [except in php] so i couldnt say what happened to anyone else.

There is however the DX Ripper thing which would let you rip and of the trophy or ingame character models to import into regular 3d programs


[at least til someone releases a viewer]

Jahra!n already released his unfinished viewer, unless you're just trying to mess with our hopes.

DX Ripper isn't the ideal program to use, for it's distortion and lack of getting what is needed.


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yay trophies are all ripped using the old school method/ 3dripperdx.

but still wondering, anyone still considering releasing a model converter? namely looking for the player models in Tposes. like what this game came out in 2001? it's been 7 years and no converter? l








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I'll just take this as, this will not be released. And has anybody seen Jahrain lately? I havn't seen a post of his... for awhile now.


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I myself, am currently satisfied with the 2 currently released brawl model viewer/converters. don't ask me for links

But there is one particular person who made maxscript but does not plan on releasing it.

also, sup mk


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haha, I know it sounds stupid. But I have almost got the brawl models working ( 3ds max ) now I can't guarentee anything, but its all we got. Unless a kind user would point the already existing viewers.

I wouldn't imagine them to be illegal, since we've already done the same to many other games. So if anyone knows why these links cannot be posted, please tell.


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I saw that. But I don't know how to compile. Any tuts?
and programs and all that. I got an XP, can it be compiled on it? ( sorry for questions, I'm veery new at this stuff)


maybe someone with the Linux System could compile it and release it?

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I saw on the thread someone mentioning people who are trying to convert the mmap function into a function that would work under Windows (Mentioned in my link), but I'm not sure if they will release it or how long it will take. I'm not doing it myself because I'm dual booting right now so I can use the converter under Linux.

It might work under Cygwin with the gcc compiler, but my experience with that has been not so good.

I would suggest either waiting or find another converter to do the job. Mariowario said that he knew of 2 converters, so if he tells us the other one you can use that.