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Small INI Update

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At your service, dood!
Sayargh's INI

I've added a Whats New.txt to the archive. (and to this thread)

Whats new.txt is to see whats changed and suggestions for changes in the official ini.

Let me know if any of the changes are incorrect or need to be adjusted.
Or if you'd like any additions put into the INI

I'll need to test the settings out for myself before I put them in my ini.

Update: finally got around to adding all the suggested settings.

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The Siskoo

I give you some new settings, like that, we don't need to make XXX different files.

Southpark (U] [!] --> put CF1 (old settings : CF3 (default)), reason -->Same problem of Donkey Kong 64, audio & video are not in sync. Now for the song intro, audio & video is sync.

Baku Bomberman (J) [!] --> playable with Jabo's Direct3D6 1.5.1 (old settings : unplayable (black layer))

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (J) [!] --> playable with rice daeadalus 5.2.0 with some black thin line (old setting --> not working (gfx dont boot))

Battlezone - Rise of the Black dogs --> unplayable (old settings ; almost playable : gfx errors). This game don't works.

Zool - Majou Tsukai Densetsu (J) [!] --> Playable (sound a bit crackly)

I hope it will good for all.
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Emu_64 HiP Coder
Maybe you could add some settings i suggested in http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?threadid=16231

Well, after testing them out, i think. I will play with all settings for the games i have in the weekend, i will add in this reply any results i could find, so we could save schibo from merging settings suggested in different threads.


The Rocking PC Wiz

This 1964 ini update fixes the following:

GoldenEye 007 save type wrong, was set to SRAM.

GoldenEye 007 uses EEPROM.

GoldenEye 007 save type is now set to EEPROM.

GoldenEye 007 too slow. The gun was firing slowly.

GoldenEye 007 is too slow with counter factor 3.

The counter factor is now set to 1.

The Siskoo

Asteroids 64 --> playable with Rice Daedalus 5.2.0 (old settings : playable : (use daedalusD3D8 Real 2)
Dr. Mario 64 (U) [!] --> playable (old settings : unplayable : gfx errors)
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The Siskoo

Super Robot Spirits (J) [!] --> playable if you use Rice Daedalus 5.2.0 and frame update at : at the 1st drawing.

without this setting, when you choose the character, the frame move up and down.


The Soul Reaving Gentleman
We have Nominated Sayargh to be the ROM_Properties.ini keeper & maintainer....

So if you all can keep making your Suggestions in this Thread that would be awsome.

But please do not attach any ini's as it only leads to confusion thanks you :)

Sayargh will post the updates once His & your Changes have been added.

The Siskoo

Bass Rush - Ecogear Powerworm Championship (J) --> playable with Rice Daedalus 5.2.0 (old status : playable (text/menus errors)

No errors in text/menu with the plugin Rice Daedalus 5.2.0


Emu_64 HiP Coder
* South Park [E] -> Playable!
* Tamagotchi World 64 [J] -> Almost Playable (missing in-game textures)
* Duke Nukem Zero Hour -> Looks better with CF2

I just wanted to suggest that if it is neccesary of adding that the game plays with Rice's 5.0.2, since it will be 1964's default plugin right?

Oh and another thing. I have seen in the INI that games that have more than one CRC could have different settings, (look for the Killer Instinct entries). Is that ok? Or all game should have the same settings no matter the country code or crc?

My last suggestion... sorry if i'm bothering here. Maybe all "use Jabo's 1.4) should be switchet to "use Jabo's 1.5.1" or just "playable!" (since Rice's hadles most of them it think)
I just like to add that WinBack looks best when you use Jabo's D3D6 1.5 and disable the internal geometric. Not Jabo's 1.5.1

The Siskoo

Vigilante 8 (F) [!] --> -Almost Playable- (menu errors, slow) ---- (old status : Playable! (gfx/errors))
Defi au Tetris Magique (Magical Trtris Challenge) --> Défi au Tetris Magique (F) [!] --> playable (with rice daedalus 5.2.0 w/ Gfx/texts errors)
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The Siskoo

Pokemon Puzzle League (F) [!]
Pokemon Puzzle League (U) [!]

These 2 games works with Rice Daedalus 5.2.0 but gfx/demo prob. anyway the game is playable.
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