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Slowness In Zelda: OoT


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Hi. :)

This is probably unaviodable as the machine I'm trying to run this on is pretty bad. It's mainly for convenience, but I'll ask anyway:

In Ocarnia of Time, the game seems to run quite jittery. Even at the lowest resolutions. I've tried playing with settings, such as counter factor or synching to audio, but this just makes it even slower.

I'm trying to run it on a Samsung Laptop, with a 2.5Ghz CPU, 256MB RAM and a 64 MB graphics chipset.

It's trash, but I have a 1.5GHz PC here with a 32MB graphics card and it runs perfectly, whats the problem?


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Think I found the problem.

Memory Usage. I found pj64 to be using 16,000K +

Is that normal?