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slow speed

when i try bam3k, im getting about 90fps avg, which is good...but when i play, it seems slow....does this have something to do with the counter factors? i have no idea how those work.


T3h pwn3r3r
FPS counter is buggy, first of all.
Dolwin isnt the fastest emulator, but it does emulate things pretty well, for what it does do.


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Here is meaning of CPU Timing values :

· CPU Delay. How often TBR and DEC are updated. Number of opcodes.
· Hardware Update Bailout. Hardware is updated, when this counter
become zero (HWUpdate will be called). Then set counter to initial
· Counter Factor. The value to change TBR and DEC: TBR += CF, DEC -= CF.

TBR and DEC are Gekko timing internal registers (simply CPU timers). So if you increase delay and counter factor, you're kinda "overclock" Gekko CPU. If you increase hardware bailout, you'll get longer response from GC hardware. You can tweak all values as you wish - sometimes you may get more speed/fps, but sometimes you may get crash dialog box. I use 2-5-1 often, and 5-2-1 sometimes. We still dont know most compatible values, but default (1-12-1) should be stable for all games.