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SJR's "secret project"


[18:17] <SJR> my private project is coming on well :)
[18:18] <@Aprentice> SJR: so you can have sex with animals in your "private project" now? :p
[18:19] <SJR> thats old news
[18:19] <mikeshoup> SJR: what is this private project?
[18:19] <@Aprentice> thats what i want to know :p
[18:19] <@Aprentice> it has something to do with pci, thats all i know
[18:19] <SJR> you can now give yourself anal
[18:19] <@Aprentice> wow
[18:19] <@Aprentice> thats something :p
[18:19] <@Aprentice> didnt know it was even humanly possible
[18:20] <SJR> i guess if you had an extreamly long..,
[18:21] <Rjx> if it was hard, how could you possibly bend it that way?
[18:21] <SJR> well if you put it in first
[18:22] <SJR> anyway moving away from that
[18:22] <@Aprentice> lol
[18:23] <@Aprentice> sjr defies physics =p