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sjr is teh lame:P


evil *******
Famine strikes again...
<SJR> damnit the guy renewed badzone.co.uk :(
<SJR> its dead, no one updates it, contact addresses are all full
<passive> oh noez a lame domain isn't up for using
<passive> seriously sjr, that's like saying swampgas renewed zophar.net
<bcrew1375> hey all
<SJR> i want it cos it is linked on a lot of sites even though it is shitty and lame
<passive> ah
<passive> so you're a dumbass
<passive> got it
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At your service, dood!
worst thing ever to do is tell someone you want something, that only makes someone else want to buy it too to make you buy it off them or something along those lines ;)
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