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SJR and Sims 2


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SJR, that guy is difficult to satisfy. :p

<SJR> woo your score 500 never played sims b4 so the questions were guesswork
<SJR> (the shitty game you play while it installs
<SJR> ill give this the same 5 min treatment sims1 got
<Redah> he already played over 5 minutes :p
<Redah> could he possibly like it, or is his pc really really slow? :)
<Martin64> SJR doesn't like anything :)
<linker`> things are not leet enough for him
<linker`> :p
<SJR> slow pc
<Martin64> lol
<sytaylor> i managed to never install SIMS
<sytaylor> despite the fact its almost taken over the world
<SJR> rofl the guy looks constipated on the exercise machine
<SJR> and sounds like it
<SJR> "hrrrmmmmpf"
<Martin64> are we still talking about the sims or do you have a guy in your room?
<linker`> lol


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Lol, have to agree that the first sims game was rubbish, but I have to say sims 2 is a major improvement, so much so that its likeable (at least to me).


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I won't be getting The Sims 2, even if it improves upon its predecessor. I found the first game to be quite boring after a short time. Also it would totally mess up when I allowed the game to "Sim in background." My Sim constantly missed work when I let it sim on its own.