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SixAxis Controller


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody knew how to use a SixAxis PS3 controller with Jnes. I've got the PC to recognize the controller through some driver downloads. Auto assigns my controls as follows:

Up, Down, Left, Right= Left Analog Stick
Select = Up Directional Pad
Start = Right Directional Pad
Turbo A = L3
A = R3

And that is all I get. When I try to map it myself, the emulator crashes. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.


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i use a sixaxis although iv never tried Jnes with it, as long as you have the driver
for it installed i dont see why it wouldnt work.


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Sorry, I meant what emulator do you use? Are you using the SixAxis to play an NES emulator? If so, which one?

On another note, I did get it to work flawlessly with ZSNES, but I would like an NES emulator with the capability of using the SixAxis.


That Damn Good
I've had no problems with getting it to work with JNES. Have you tried running it without the controller to see if it might be your system?