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Site news: Art Work


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<b>Site news: Art Work</b>

We have added a new section to the site called <a href="http://www.emulation64.com/artwork.php">Art Work</a>, where we will put nice art work dedicated to the site. So far there are 4 pieces of work up, but we're looking forward to new submissions. :)<br><br>On other site news, we're having some troubles with one of our scripts. The problem is that we're using different servers for our message board and main site, and it is somehow causing comments show up before the actual news post (you'll understand if you click Comments on the post below this). It's not a big deal and we'll fix it soon, but still a bit annoying.<br><br>Finally I'd like to say a BIG "thank you" to RatTrap (design) and Keith (php) for the amazing work with the site. You guys are the greatest. :)