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Simple question about ripping.

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Alright, I have successfully downloaded, unzipped, and installed Dolphin. I have version '1.03'. What I would like to do is get a copy of Metroid Prime working on my PC using Dolphin.
I understand that pirating an illegal copy of the game is, well...illegal. And that's ok. I have purchaced a commercial copy of the game for the Nintendo Gamecube. So I have the game minidisk here with me.
Now, to get to the point. Is there a special ripping program I need to take the game data and copy it to my hard drive? Because, I checked the 'Help' section in the Dolphin program under 'How do I...Run commercial Games?'. It told me...

...Rip your legally bought game discs to .gcm images through the method of your choice.

You guys probably already know this but I thaught I would put that up there anyway. So, in a nutshell, how do I go about ripping my purchaced gamecube game onto my computer as a '.gcm' file so Dolphin can run it?

Any help offered will be greately apreciated. I will check back tomarrow for any responces that may have been posted.


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Google really is your friend... in a nutshell if you don't have a bba (broadband adapter) and a copy of pso (phantasy star online) you won't be able to rip games yourself.


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This may sound redundant, but it is insanely easy to learn how to do this using Google. Under your "Note to all noobs" remark, you may want to add "read the rules/FAQ before posting". Ahem. :getlost:
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