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Should Blizz flog his PS2?

Should Blizz flog his PS2?

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New member
OK, I've had enough of my PS2 being a sophisticated DVD player.

Apart from needing a way to replay my favoured old PSX games I see no need for the thing. Plus I've still got my old PSX.


Emutalk Member
NAY! i have a PS2, and i don't nearly love it as much as i do my GameCube, but i think its exclusives are worth it, SOCOM II, FFX/X-2, a whole bunch of shit i am too lazy to mention. So keep the old bugger, besides, I treat my XBOX with its hacked DVD dashboard as a more sophisticated DVD player than my PS2


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ive learned that i usually regret selling consoles (dreamcast is all i say), so better keep the bugger.

Moose Jr.

Raging Moose
If the only games you play are cross-platform then it's not worth the space since it's the weakest in terms of hardware. But you could check out gamerankings.com first before selling it to see if there's any really good exclusives in your favorite genre that you haven't played.

Just my $.02.


ph33r teh hammy!
I say nay. As 2fast4u mentioned, you may regret selling it a long while from now (as I did, selling my SNES, which I bought another one a couple years back, and N64, which I also rebought not long ago). And hey, if you don't use it, just unhook it and put it away somewhere. Games may come out in the future that you'll be interested in, and it'll just be more expensive buying a new PS2.
- Modem


Keeper of The Iron Tail
i say don't do it. you don't even have one PS2 game you play? hell i'd only play two games (SSX Tricky, GT3) if i had one, and i still think it'd be worth it.


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That's the thing you see I only liked Rachet & Clank and that dropped into a routine (thwack everything and collect nuts and bolts to sell to buy a new weapon you need)

Moose Jr.

Raging Moose
If you liked R&C take a look at the Jak or Sly Cooper series if you haven't already. Loads of platforming fun. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Beyond Good & Evil are both stellar titles too, if cross-platform.


That Damn Good
Just keep the PS2, there's bound to be a game that you will enjoy in the future. Like Moose Jr. said, you can try jak and daxter or sly cooper. Prince of Persia is a great game as well. If you are into RPG'S, then you can give .hack a try or kingdom hearts.