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Sheat! (admins read plzzz!!!)


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im new, im really new, and idk how i create/find (i tried the Windows search system) and i dnt find SYSTEM.CNF! what i do to create one?????


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i forget

IF i put an game on DVD Player and execute him on nSX2 (like: i run Midnight club 3 DUB Version on my pc, and the Emulator will run him? )i have an emulator of PS1 here and when i put an cd of PS1 he auto start (with exepcion of Delta Force.... he not run!) and run on cd, like an ps1, have Memory cards... (lets me see... the format is .MEM) and run better than ps1.
if not, damn.... i hate donwload an game of 3 gb on Emule ¬¬


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NXS2 doesn't run games..... As for where you get your dodgy games from, we neither wish to know, nor do we care.

Sucks for you wasting that time downloading though :D