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Shader Probs with Dolphin FINAL 1.03 Beta FIX!


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thanks for the replacement driver at the start of the thread. it saved me from insanity...
i asked this question many times in other forums, but no one could tell me why dolphin crashed and how to fix it


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i have a question i have paper mario and the thousand year old door but when i put it on tick modifier 2 the fph goes up tp 35.56 and sometime freezes whts wrong how can i make it work properly


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i cant even get the plugin to work!
every time I try to extract the files in winRAR, it just shows an error message
like: the file is corrupt, or: unexpected end of archive. can someone help me with that?


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The cache is a folder that stores information about the pages you wish, some things you download from the net, etc. etc. Sometimes the data in the cache can become corrupt, giving you errors in downloads and whatnot. Clearing the cache usually solves issues like this.

If you are using Firefox, you can clear the cache (or certain parts of it) via try Privacy tab in Settings. IE's cache can be cleared via Control Panel --> Internet Options.