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Setting up the controls for Naomi Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.66?.


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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up the controls for the Naomi version of Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. I've tried 3 different controllers, but it would appear that even if you set up the controls correctly under Config/Controls/Arcade/Joy 1 for Digital, Analog 1 & Analog 2, the right stick (Analog 2) does absolutely nothing, when in Analog or digital mode (Currently testing with a PS2 controller with a 2 player USB adapter) & when in analog mode, only the Digital D-Pad seems to work & not the analog sticks & when in digital mode, no analog sticks & the D-Pad doesn't work. Obviously with this game having two sticks is kinda essential, currently I can't jump or fly through through the air, with only one stick you can only run around. Anyone else able to set up this game properly with a PS2 or similar controller to use the two analog sticks?. I've tried both Demul v0.7 (April 28 2018) & (November 11 2017) with the same results. Any help is appreciated.

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It seems there's a problem with the controls with Mazan - Flash of the Blade as well, with the controls set up it asks you to Swing the Blade to start, but the controller has no effect.


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Try mapping one stick to Player 1's Digital Pad/Stick, and mapping the other stick to Player 2's Digital Pad/Stick.

The game actually uses an, quite literally, an twin joystick setup, as each stick uses the Digital pad and two buttons (trigger and button) from both players, so that means that Digital, Button 1 and Button 2 for Player 1 is the left stick, and Digital, Button 1 and Button 2 for Player 2 is the right stick.