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Sega Saturn US Game Chart v1.0


After a few months of buying games and documenting information about them, I bring to my fellow saturn fans my saturn game info chart. It contains almost anything you would everl ike to know for every US retail saturn game. Feel free to take a look and post some feedback. If anyone has the skills to make the page look any better i'll be happy to send them the excel doc with the info. I know it doesnt look the best, but its the content that matters :)

Right now its in two flavors, the simple and detailed versions. The detailed has some redundant and inaccurate info (most header info is incorrect, [not my fault] which is why I went back to add the peripheral logos and serial numbers listed on the box). It's there for documentational purposes only, but neat to look at. For example, PDS supports the floppy drive, which is left over info from the jap version iirc.

Anyway, please post any suggestions or corrections for future revisions.