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Seaman microphone error! Help a noob figure out Chankast!


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Help, I'm a noob at emulators and have wanted to play seaman for a long time now. It was hard enough getting it setup and now this?

"The microphone is not conected. Insert the Microphone into the Expansion Socket 2 of the controller connect to port A." is the error I get.

I feel like this is an easy fix that can be done by a plugin and a switch in the configure menu, if so PLEASE provide a DL link for the pugin and show me how to install it.

Thanks in advance.



16-bit Corpse | Moderator
To my knowledge, Chankast doesn't emulate the Dreamcast Microphone in any way. Also, Chankast has been lomng since surpassed by other mor ecapable emulators, perhaps you'll have better luck with them (mainly Demul). Don't hold your breath, though.