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Schibo And Rice, why do these games not work?


I Run This
Gamebooster 64, Gameshark 3.3 or 2.0, or 1.0 for that matter. You guys know why ? not that it matters just wanted to know if its compatible or not to write it down in my ini, or if its a core issue. No matter what combination i use, it does not work.It has a tlb exeption, with/out tlb enabled, or any other type of ini option.


Emulator Developer
These are not games, but some strange N64 programs. I have not touched them for looong time, don't even like to work on them.


GameBooster 64 (V1.1) (NTSC) (Unl)
GameBooster 64 (V1.1) (PAL) (Unl)

GameShark V2.0 (Unl)
GameShark V3.3 (Unl) [!]

Pro Action Replay 64 (V3.3) (Unl)
Pro Action Replay 64 V3.0 (Unl)

These are dumps of the info on the cheat devices I believe. Not actual games; but pointless dumps of cheats which don't ammount to much on emulators.