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hellow i new here if someone can give me a save

my zelda's ocarina of time save was deleted by my brother if someone can give me a link to a save to bandit camp after u rescue all the emplyoers. if possible with epona and all the spiders(after the water temple).

thank you :)


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I've got a save for Mario Party 3. All boards unlocked, no cheats used. This save is for the USA version, dunno if it works on the EUR version. I can only provide a Megaupload link though, for some reason it refuses to upload my save as an attachment (and yes, I put it in a .zip archive).


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Hi all. I'm looking for ZELDA Majora's Mask savestate just after having the new sword after the snow temple.



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Hi. Just installed XP and aswell as deleting Vista (WIN) it deleted my save states for Majora's Mask(LOSE). I got as far as getting the water temple song (after getting all the eggs). I had the Gilded Sword and everthing from the ranch complete. Anywhere near this point would be great. Thanks.


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Hi people! I need some SaveStates from the game The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, in which I appear in front of its various bosses.
Thank you for any future help.


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Ocarina of time

I am looking for a save state for Ocarina of Time. I had just entered the water temple (walked through the door and saved.)

Thanks for any and all help.


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There ae probably a ton of others who have been looking for a Mario Party 2 save file so I went ahead and did i myself. The save has all the boards unlocked, all minigames unlocked (meaning you can play them all in the minigame island including battle and item minigames), and the minigame coaster complete. Here is the MarioParty2.eep file :



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I know that there's already a native save for Ogre Battle 64 (U), but I figured that I would contribute my MemPack save, in case anyone wants to play with it. The most interesting thing about it is that this is the save that I (Cralex) used as a testbed to develop my class hacking guide over at gamefaqs. So, It contains every special character in the game, plus a few that you can't normally get in your army, such as Deneb and Prince Yumil.

In addition, this save takes place near the end of the game with the best ending. I can't seem to get the uploader to work, so here's a link to it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/672765/OB64.mpk.zip


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This is probably a really odd questions... But does anyone have a legend of zelda majora's mask, that is beaten up until the snow temple?
Tahnks for your help!


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Sorry, I don't have a Majoras mask save anymore, I had to format my PC a long time ago and didn't make any backup. Please, I formatted my PC again and didn't make backup of my old saves, so I am needing a Castlevania 64 (1) save (memory pak, of course) in level 6 I think. I am sure that the level I want is the one that comes right after the vampire stage (the stage that has also the Mandragoras and explosives, remember?). If nobody has exactly in that place, it doesn't matter, it can be even in level 2, that will help me. Anything that you can send from level 2 to 6 will help, because I don't want to play everything again, it takes much time. I would rather the save to be not in the easy mode, I prefer it on the normal mode, but if not possible, I am accepting in the hard mode too. Ah, I almost forgot: I am playing with Reinhardt (the man), I never played any level with the woman yet. I already searched on the Internet and on the Project 64 site and the only thing I could find was a save file in the end of the game (near the final boss I think).


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Ocarina of Time

I've been having trouble finding exhaustive saves on Ocarina of Time, so I've decided to do a playthrough and archive one save before each dungeon. Would it be possible to submit that sequence of saves here?
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Mario Party 3

Here's my Mario Party 3 save file.Game was beaten with Wario on hard mode.Unlocked every minigame,every board,Waluigi & Daisy,Game Guy's Room and super hard mode.Here is the MarioParty3.eep file :


  • MarioParty3.eep.rar
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Help? LOZ MM save needed

My computer crashed, and i lost my majoras mask save, and could someone post a save at or around the first dungeon? I was doing the "Them" quest when i lost my save with everything possable collected so far, but could someone please give me the save? Nothing is required, just at or around the woodfall dungeon. If you could, though not nessicary, make the name of file Nate. It would be heavily appreiated. I would return the favor by helping with any saves, please? :D