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Saturn questions


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1. Can you run ISO's on Girigiri?
2. Why is it so complicated to just run a game or ISO on any Saturn emulator? In ePSXe (PSX emulator) you just set a few settings and play a game. In all Saturn emulators you have to set the video plugin, the BIOS of the right country, controls and other shit.


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1) GiriGiri is pretty hard to use. BIN files are best for getting a result.

2) The Saturn is a very complex machine and emulation is still pretty prelminary. PlayStation emulators were just as hard to use at one point...


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I use the GiriGiri loader for mine, lets me run from a cd pretty easily, and if you want to use an image just get Daemon tools create a virtual drive and then mount the image, and select that drive to run from.


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Ok, my turn for a question, I've got a few game images as ISO with a cue file, and about 20 MP3 files, now ive burned these, and also tried mounting them and running from a virtual drive, both ways i only get the cd player, it seems to only recognize the audio and not the data, what am I doing wrong

Edit, ok, after tinkering with cue sheets, it seems to be ok
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