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Satourne Speed Guide


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After messing around with Satourne's settings last nite (and getting my very first whiff of Daytona USA running on it) I decided that there may be the need for a little FAQ on how to speed up the games running on it. I am sure this is far from complete and there are tons of possibilites to add, but this is it for now.

First of all, here are my specs:

Athlon XP 1800+
256 MB RAM
GeForce2 MX
40 GB Maxtor HDD 7200 RPM
Windows XP Pro

Note that this FAQ is meant for satourne-debugger-dynarec-v01102002 (english). All referrals are made to this version (Get it at http://saturn.emulation64.com/emus/satourne/bins/satourne-debugger-dynarec-v01102002_en.zip).

Texture Cache

There are certain optimizations that do not affect visual quality. They don't bring as much speed as those that decrease it tho, so you may need to live with lower quality in the game in order to play it.

Your first optimization should be enabling the texture memory cache, to do this go to

VDP1 --> Texture Cache --> Always active

Master SH2

Another effective way to speed up the emulation is setting the Master SH2 frequency. This however decreases the visual quality. I have fooled around with it a bit and till up to around 17-20Hz the quality is still ok.

To set the Master SH2 frequency, go to

Master SH2 --> SH Frequency


Ok, this is not really a valid idea because it virtually makes the games unplayable, but still ... the VDP1 options allow you to disable objects such as Sprites or Polygons. Needless to say you will be missing some stuff in the game, but it may be neat for experimential purposes :p

VDP1 --> Disable --> ...


This is a very effective way I have found. It decreases visual quality but the effects are fairly moderate compared to disabling stuff in the VDP1.

By disabling the various "NBG" options, you turn off special effects. This creates a high speed increase but you have to go easy with them because turning off certain ones may crash your game.

Example: Disabling "NBG3" in Daytona USA causes the game to freeze and reset during the intro.

With those optimizations, I was able to get Satourne to run games at playable (approximately 50 fps) speed :)

That's all for now, soldiers. Any feedback and additions appreciated :)
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what can i do about an error on satourne that i get? it says

Oppcode invalid (SH2 Maitre)


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what can i do about an error on satourne that i get? it says
Oppcode invalid (SH2 Maitre)

You can't do anything. It just means that the game isn't supported yet.

Oh yes, actually you can do something : wait for a new version. (Sorry :innocent: )


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kuz said:
what can i do about an error on satourne that i get? it says

Oppcode invalid (SH2 Maitre)

Does that happen with everygame? You will get that error too if you don't have a proper bios file.. Should be about 512 kbytes and be named "Saturn_bios.bin"..

Lord Alan

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I'll give it a try and see how Sonic Jam runs (will it start?)

I know it's been a while since I was here, a very long while in fact, but hey! I was curious! Plus I got Burning Rangers for £77 and want to emulate it lol


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I think we need to get up a compatibilty list. BTW, for those curious, Guardian Heroes runs up to where the movie would play, then drops to about 10-17FPS and doesn't move. A real bummer as its my favorite game

Good luck with Burning Rangers...it's an awesome game


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MihoKiyo said:
I think we need to get up a compatibilty list.

yeah, it seems like time has cometh to start compiling one since speed is increasing dramatically. in the past you had to feel like lying when saying "playable" to a game that runs at 5 fps ...


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I followed the speed guide, and I'm trying to plat Radiant Silvergun ST-V, but after it runs through all the warnings and patent screens, the screen size goes up, and the FPS drops to 10.

Any ideas?

Also, how can I bind buttons on my gamepad? When I click on a section I want to map, it changes from '???' to 'on mappab'

my PC Stats:

AthlonXP 2100+
512MB 333 Ram
Radeon8500 64MB
Gamepad: Xbox Controller & Saitek P750



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Satourne doesn't support all games. It did the same with me for Guardian Heroes. You'll have better luck running it on SSF with Frame skip


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sorry to break the subject but i'm desperate to get either GiriGiri or Satourne up and running. And you guys seem pretty experienced.

I'm pretty new to this (although i have Gens and SnesX9) I get errors and shutdowns alot and need a little help.

is there a step by step guide somewhere?


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cheers Clements, its a n00b question i know :blush:

when i try to load a plugin i get this error!
please elp!
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I recently downloaded the satourne emulator and I having a slight problem with it. The problem that I am having is that when I load a game it goes straight to the menu set up of the saturn and I can't initialize the game. I know it works since I tried it on SSF emulator. So if anyone knows the answer to my question plz respond.

PS: peace

EDIT: forgot to mention that when i tried to initialize the game from this menu the buttons on the screen seem to not work. Like I would push start but I would get nada but when I wanted to switch to advance menu screen or replay it would work fine.
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I'm trying to run Christmas NiGHTS and it will not run at all. What kind of settings do I need?

Before you scream at me "Satourne doesn't support it n00b!" a friend of mine was running Christmas NiGHTS on Satourne earlier today.

My system specs are in my profile.

I'm using the latest English version found here because I do not understand French.
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Yes. He said it works on Satourne and SSF, and my machine is too old to run SSF.

I kind of got it up and running today, but there is no sound, and it freezes after I get past the time and date settings.

I've been lurking around this board and found out GiriGiri works, but I have problems running that. I also found out that a hacked version of GiriGiri exists that can run the game very well. I have no idea where to download it, though.
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