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Sa2B and TCG connection help


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All right, so i've been struggling to get my copy of SA2B to read that it's connected to TCG for a while now, with little to no avail. But i had an idea and used the GBA bios file and transferred the chao over to the tiny chao garden. It worked as far as i got the silver, amethyst, emerald and saphhire chao i wanted, but then spent the next 3 days reseting the shop for aquamarine, garnet, onyx and topaz eggs, but with no luck. But of course, as soon as i open an actual rom of sonic pinball party/sonic advance 1, within 5 minutes of resetting the shop, i get the onyx and aquamarine to show up, and another 5 minutes, the topaz shows up.

Here's the problem.

Any version of dolphin i use along with any version of VBA-M doesn't work. No matter what i try, it refuses to connect to the actual rom properly. The game picks up there is SOME GBA connected, but that's as far as it gets. so this is where i have 2 questions.

1) Is it possible that the GBA bios file version of TCG only has up to emerald chao eggs and won't go higher than that?

2) Is there ANY combo that can get the ACTUAL rom with TCG to properly connect to SA2B so i can actually get the rarest jewel chao eggs?