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Rules Of Forum + FAQ - Read This Before Posting!

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Plugin coder / Betatester
Welcome to the Dolphin support forum, before posting you should read the rules we are using here.


  • Ask for GC-iso's (aka gcm's)
  • Tell people where to get GC-iso's (or tell them to contact you about it)
  • Don't PM or e-mail us for GC-iso's
  • Ask how to rip GC-iso's (google is your friend ;) )
  • Request the source code / Porting Dolphin (to linux or mac)
  • Request the plugin specs
  • Insult people without reason, advertise or spam
  • Don't write in capitals
  • Double post
  • Ask to be a betatester
  • Ask to get the beta version
  • Don't ask when a new version will be released
  • Don't ask for updates, they will update when they want/need to


If you ignore these rules your topic can be closed and you may be banned.
(incase you ask for GC-iso's)



Q: How do I use my legally owned GC discs?
A: You can't, these GC discs aren't compatible with your DVD drive. There won't be support for it in future.

Q: I just got a game from the internet and it has some weird extension (7z, rar, r00, gcm, iso, ace, etc...) how can I use it?
A: This is not a "Help me getting my downloaded ISO working" forum. YOU decided to download the ISO, so therefore YOU figure out what kind of file it is and how to get it working. Only questions about Dolphin or its Plugins should be asked here.

Q: I get a "d3d9.dll" error what should I do?
A: Install DirectX 9 which can be found here: DX9

Q: I get a "Direct3d device creation failed" error what should I do?
A: Try switching to REF in the dolphin video plugin settings, if it doesn't work, it might be because you have an old video card and you should probably change or you are using old drivers, update them.

Q: Hmm... some movies appear b/w or not showing up at all?
A: Your videocard probably isn't supporting pixelshaders. To use Dolphin you're required to have a videocard which fully supports pixelshaders 2.0.

Q: The current games.ini seems a bit outdated, what should I do??
A: CKemu made a nice updated games.ini which is compatible with 1.03 beta.
You can obtain it here: games.ini

Q: Dolphin 1.03 beta closes down for some unknown reason, what should I do?
A: Perhaps the included beta videoplugin is giving some troubles with the shaders.
You can obtain a fix by following this link: videoplugin fix

Q: How can I play Naruto? / Why is my Naruto topic closed?
A: OK STOP RIGHT THERE, don't open a new topic, just read the following topic: Naruto Topic

Q: Whoa, Dolphin is running as fast as a pregnant snail, what am I doing wrong?
A: The Nintendo Gamecube is a very advanced platform and (todays) computers are not fast enough yet to emulate it with the techniques we use. So... you aren't doing anything wrong! Upgrading a CPU or GPU won't gain you much more performance (you will only gain 1-5 fps). IF you decide to upgrade just besure to get a 64-bit CPU and a GPU which supports (at least) 2.0 pixelshaders.
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