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what were they thinking?

from IRC while posting:

(Smiff_eat) http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?p=273130#post273130
(Smiff_eat) come on. thats fucking unsuitable for minors man
(SGi) lol
(Smiff_eat) whats wrong with these japs
(SGi) hahaha
(Smiff_eat) wait ill do a bigger one. funnier
(Smiff_eat) heh thatll do. hrm
(Smiff_eat) glad you get it. its not just my dirty mind
(SGi) i have a dirty mind too, so...
(SGi) lol
(Smiff_eat) i mean theres no other explanation is there
(SGi) obviously no
(SGi) these japs are crazy!
(Smiff_eat) i'd love to know how they slipped that one in. if youll excuse the pun
(Smiff_eat) past management etc
(SGi) a mystery
(Smiff_eat) i was just thinking.. have you seen fight club?
(Smiff_eat) jabo could do like that and insert random frames of cock into zelda
(Smiff_eat) wtf is wrong with me
(TrotterW) lmao
(TrotterW) That would be funny :D
(SGi) lol
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