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Rjx's awkward moment of the day


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<Rjx_> awkward moment
<passive> indeed
<Rjx_> me and sara's dad sitting down in the livingroom
<Aprentice> not really rjx, just awkward people :p
<Rjx_> eurotrip is on tv
<Rjx_> and its the scene where the two people are in the jacuzzi
<Rjx_> and the girl is rubbing her nipples
<Aprentice> Rjx_: and your thinking of rubbing her dads nipples? :p
<passive> lol
<Rjx_> you may want to get into a different mindset for your date tonight :p
<Aprentice> lol
<Rjx_> making jokes about rubbing men's nipples
<Rjx_> generally don't go down well