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Rice's Daedalus Plugin 4.2.0


Emulator Developer
I would like to release 4.2.0 in the 1964 forums because I am part of 1964 team and I wish everyone enjors both the 1964 and the new video plugin for 1964.

What's new.

- Fog support in both DirectX and OGL, (with minor problems)
- Many texture bug fixes
- Alpha blender bug fixes
- Add new options: Normal combiner, normal blender, fog
- Unused options are deleted
- Rearrange the options in config dialog box, to make them more meanful
- Automatic config for your video card for both directx and opengl

- Combiner fixes for all versions.
- Texture binding / texture loss problem is fixed.
- Alpha test bug fix
- Nvidia register combiner fix
Color combiners in all opengl versions are working quite good.
Opengl render is stable enough to use now if you have Nvidia or ATI video cards.

- Color combiner is getting even better

Remain issues:
- 16 bit video card problems
- Some geometry problems in opengl render
- problem with fogs regarding negative w coordinate
- Possible depth buffer problem with Radeon in DirectX



Great work Rice!
This plugin getting better and better.
I did some fast testing with Pj64 and this plugin using DX8.1 mode
on Geforce 2MX.
Here the shots of games with problems,that i encountered,

Fighters Destiny,some textures are still not good


New member

I've been keeping track of the progress of your plugins since version 2 and from what I've seen so far, I'm very impress with it. However, I notice that your plugin has one particular problem that keeps it from being great. That problem is the plugin is getting slower with each newer version. I don't know if you're trying to increase compatibility but there seems to be a considerably slower speed than I used to recall compared to your older versions. Can you confirm or deny this?

I hope that in the future you can focus more on increasing speed. Also are you still working on the 1964 ogl? I think that plugin has great potential in speed and compatibility. It would be wasteful to neglect it. Thanks for your time.


Emulator Developer
It is true that the plugin is getting slower and slower since it was ported from DirectX 7 to DirectX 8 and then converted to support both DirectX and OpenGL. But if you have seen a big speed drop for you, that could be a problem as the speed drop is not as big as 50% or something. Check the config dialog box to see if there are something changed. As I tested, its speed is about 60% of Jabo's 1.5 if running DirectX, and about 50% if running OpenGL on my Geforce2 MX400.

I will move forward to the speed issue later, not at the current moment. Thank you for your comment.


Panda Love Unit
In New Tetris everything is a double image
I couldn't get a screenie as it seems to alternate between the two positions from one refresh to the next
(did the same in version 4.1)