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Rice Video 6.1.1 beta6


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Author: Rice; based on source from original Daedalus plugin made by StrmnNrmn
Status: Active
Source: Open
Note: Try to solve the mirrored texture replication problem again, and the minor texture dump bug reported for beta 5. The minor bug is actually a big one, especially for games using CI mirror texture but not using the "Using smaller texture" option.
Sorry for some of you. If you find some of your hires textures stop working after this beta, check the dumpped texture with the new plugin against the textures you created. The plugin need you to provide replicated textures, you may need to mirror-replicate your texture as the newly dumpped texture. (It should not be a big deal for you.)
This beta should also fix some weired problems that half dumpped texture is black, and problems with hires textures won't load because of the mirror/non-mirror texture size mismatch.