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Rice Video 6.1.0c - HiRez Texture Loader

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Personal preference. Photoshop, Paint shop pro, gimp, fireworks MX and Paint have all been reported as usable, soo...take your pic or try anything else. I dont recommend Fireworks MX though; it will pad out the file size.


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I'm a little confused on "Software Vertex Clipper" and "Full TMEM Emulation". If I uncheck software vertex clipper, will it be enabled on my video card instead? And I'm completely unsure on what "Full TMEM Emulation" is.


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Why wont it let me edit things in texture filter tabs, or some other tabs in video settings? If i click it, it says "Not allowed to change advanced options" or something like that :(


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i made it to use yer plugin , when i go to video configuration then texture filters it says, advanced options arent aloud to be changed, same thing in project 64 when i loaded yer plugin, someone plz help me


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I just got here and I am not going to read 25 pages...
I have searched for all plugins, this one works ok, but...

I can't get rid of the flicker problem for Star wars 3
Battle of Naboo STILL won't play...

and on top of that, there are so many settings that I can't perfect one game! Arg...

Option 2: Should I just go and buy the games?


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I have a question: when you launch a game with high res textures turned on how does the plugin know whether it should look for new ones or not? I mean sometimes it takes a long time, because it recognizes that a lot of textures have been added/removed, but if nothing or very little has changed it takes much less time so I am guessing it caches them. I am asking because I want to know if its every necessary to "force" it to look for new textures when swapping them in and out.


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When I use 1964 and have texture dumping on, and when I after a while turn off the dumping the program crashes, but that never happends with Project64.


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Alright, I know this is kinda lame just waltzing in here requesting things, but I was wondering if you could add the same feature that Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 has where the field of view is adjusted to suit the resolution. Because I would love to have the Hi-Res textures in native resolution to my wide screen monitor.

BTW, the monitor runs at 1680x1050 16:10 Aspect Ratio.

Thanks :D

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Gameboy5 said:
When I use 1964 and have texture dumping on, and when I after a while turn off the dumping the program crashes, but that never happends with Project64. why?
Don't load saved states after you select the dump option!



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I seem to have a problem with the plugin while running hi-res OoT.. When I run normally (w/o textures) there's nothing wrong (except for the occasional flicking), and my FPS is up at about 58-60 frames per second. BUT, when I load the textures, the game still run pretty normally except that Link is green (yeah green), and some of the backgrounds and textures are missing. Can somebody please help me?:(


Why is 1964 so fast? Doese'nt it have a speed limit? I'm a PJ64 user but i use 1964 with jabo plugins for the hard to emulate games. Anyway It's freaking fast! It's working with around 150fps instead of the normal 60fps in PJ64. Any help with this?


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Most emulators have a speed limiter option that can be enabled or disabled. Search for it.
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