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Rice Video 6.0.0, happy new year 2005

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What's new:

- Software vertex clipper problem fixes.
- OpenGL fragment program extension (Pixel shader in OpenGL)
- An optional Z coordinate hack for the near plane clipping problems in some games without using near plane vertex clipping

OpenGL finally gets to similar degree as DirectX. It is actually faster on my PC because I don't have to use software vertex clipper with it. OpenGL will do the vertex clipping. It still does not support frame buffer effects yet.

But, in order to use the new OpenGL pixel shader feature, you need to good video card to support OpenGL ARB_Fragment_Program extension. Radeon 9500 and better from ATI, and FX 5200 and better from Nvida will do it.

I have no plan to support frame buffer effects in OpenGL, and I will take a long break from this project after this release.

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Rice / Year 2005

===> A new attachment 6.0.0c has replaced the first 6.0.0 build <=====
===> to fix the textRect clipping error, please use the new one. <=====
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I'll be Back!
Thanks , Rice

Happy new year, Have a nice break and thanks for all the hard work you put into your plugins.

mike kkm

thanx rice for you hard work. great plug in. and great update


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thanks for this release!
now the OGL mode is better than ever ;)

you've worked hard on this plugin.

take a cool break :)

Happy 2005!


the old guy
if you mean the site for the plugin then your looking at it i think.

if you mean for 1964 in general then look in rices sig.

The Siskoo

Yup, Yup, we're all happy about 5.9.9 and 6.0.0. Thanks for all. And very good break. Anyway, I have a problem with Mario Golf. The game is great with 5.9.9 but messed with 6.0.0.
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I unfortunately have a problem, too. The text is messed up in Goldeneye 007 when the text was fine in Goldeneye 007 with version 5.9.9 and earlier. Just a heads up.
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I don't remember I have touched these two games. Can you guys check the game settings?

The Siskoo

Same settings for me.
I made a fresh install (uninstall Rice & 1964, remove 1964). Reinstall all.
Problems with :

- Mario Golf (E) [!]
- Mario Golf 64 (J) [!]
- Mario Golf (U) [!]
- Hydro Thunder (U) [!]
- Monster Truck Madness 64 (E) [!]
- Monster Truck Madness 64 (U) [!]
- Nagano Olympic Hockey '98 (E) [!]
- Nagano Olympic Hockey '98 (U) [!]
- Nagano Olympic Hockey '98 (J) [!]
- NBA in the Zone 2 (J) [!]
- NBA In the Zone 2000 (E) [!]
- NBA In the Zone 2000 (U) [!]
- NBA Pro 99 (E) [!]
- NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (U) [!]
- Pachinko Nichi (J) [!]
- maybe some others...
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I think I know where the problem is. I will fix it later today.
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