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I am very glad to see N64 emulator graphics are getting better and better as the great progress with Direct64 and Glide64. Congratulation to both Okrin and Gonetz. But programming for emulation seems to conflict very much with my regular life, I'd better to take a break from it. This maybe the latest update of this plugin, so I would like to release it as it is, along with the latest source code. I wish someone else get enough energy to continue the mission impossible.

Already thanks Okrin, Gonetz, StrmnNrmn, beta testers and any others who have helped or contributed to the project.

What's new in 5.6.0

- Fog, in general, and in Tapz
- TexGen, in Conker
- TexGen in PD
- TexGen in other games
- Missing textures in Conker
- Triangle alias problem in Zelda MM
- TWINE gun
- PD missing ceiling textures
- F-Zero Decal rectangles
- Extreme-G depth problem and fog
- Starwar Shadow of Empire Ucode
- Command and Conqure textures
- South Park Rally, depth problem
- PD Logo
- Extreme-G XG2, depth hack
- Starcraft wrong CI
- Star Craft texture problem
- Kirby missing textures problem
- Ready to Rumble 2, texture scale
- Golden Eye Logo problem - vector normalization problem
- Frame update at CI change - with frame buffer feature disable
- Silicon Valley water fall texture
- Mario Party 3 texture scale problem
- Dr. Mario texture scale problem
- New rom options

Version 5.6.0 has added new Rom options. It needs to use the new INI file in the ZIP file. One can also rename older INI files to ricevideo5.6.0.ini to be used by the new DLL.

Email: rice1964 at yahoo.com
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Great stuff Rice. I wish you all the best with your break from the project.

Thanks for releasing the source btw, not for me (I wouldn't know what to do with it) but for all those clever sods who do :) lol


the old guy

had to get that out. I understand that you have a life outside of this . But I think I need to say that of all the programmers doing n64 plugins (and i respect and admire them all) you IMO were closest to getting perfect emulation. I for one will really hate to see you quit. but thanks for letting out the source and for this new version.
well, good luck with everything you do. I somehow doubt we've seen the last of your work though. at least i hope not.


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I will still be around the emulation scene, be will take a break from programming, at least from the video project.


Joe Silvera
Thx for ALL rice, I wish you the best

The source is a wonderful present for programmer.. It's a very generous attitude thx


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thank you so much Rice! I hope you have a good break and you did contribute a lot to the n64 emulation scene which really made things even more awesome!


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Right now I don't have any words to describe how I feel... I'm quite dissapointed that your job is done with this project but I'm also happy that you will have more time with your real life.
Anyway, you have done an amazing job with your project this whole time (I personally don't know anyone that combined 2 API's, compatibility, quality and speed into only one GFX plugin) and I think that you don't have to prove anything anymore to anyone. The only thing I can tell you is "have a nice life".
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I'll be Back!
Thanks , Rice
Just trying it out the fog looks real good . Still testing what fun lol .
Its good to take a break and relax , have a nice one Rice .
So far no problems the plugin works great .


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I believe it's for setting the Level of Detail of the texture (LOD)
You choose how "soon" the first mipmap appears, therefore you either reduce or enlarge texture size in the distance. (blur/sharpen in a way)


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Might be something to do with the SM64 protrait transistion which nearly works correctly now, since that involved LOD.


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Rice, I just had to register in order to say thank you for all the hard work you've done. So, thank you very much! I, and many others have gotten a lot of enjoyment from your work.


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floopy said:
Rice, I just had to register in order to say thank you for all the hard work you've done. So, thank you very much! I, and many others have gotten a lot of enjoyment from your work.

We are all welcomed.