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Rice, Schibo, Duncun, and others


Leap of Faith
I hope all the peeps complaining about what's wrong is not blinding you all from what is right?

I think 0.9.9 is a major leap from 0.8.5 and well worth a healthy dose of congrats to you all, especially Schibo and Rice.

Don't let those ding-dongs who don't like to try things for themselves take away from your great achievement.


lord freiza
I agree with lazertag here,19640.99 is a great leap ahead from 0.8.5 and has very good speed,congrats to you guys on making such a great emulator:).


N64 Addict
I dont let things like that bother me, and im sure Schibo and Rice agree. Yes it can kinda frustrate ya sometimes. From a coders perspective its hard to work like a dog to improve things and keep up to the publics expectations, but they have to remember: this is done for free.

I think everyone who has worked on 1964 has done a dam great job, and we all put our heart into it, and do as much as we can......and to me that counts for alot.