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Rice Daedalus 5.4.2, updated from 5.4.0 and 5.4.1

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Rice Daedalus 5.4.2

What's new in 5.4.2 over 5.4.1:

Bug fixes:
- Most reported bugs are fixed.
- Software vertex clipper is almost perfect now.
- Texture coordinate generation (TextGen) bug fix. Many games have correct texture now, including PD intro, DK body, Mario Parties the mushroom, GE cougar magnum gun texture, etc.
- Golden Eye multiplayer mode flickering fix
- PD and GE glass door texture bug fix
- PD colorful wall bug fix
- Texture TLUT bug fix (again)
- Conker grass texture bug fix
- Ready 2 Rumble texture fix
- Tetris 64 (J) ucode fix
- Doom 64 fix, almost all geometry glitches are fixed by the better vertex clipper

I hope most geometry glitches are fixed by the better vertex clipper for all ATI and Nvidia new video cards.

PS: Older video cards don't have to use the vertex clipper unless you have to. The software vertex clipper is CPU intensive, it is not good for slower CPUs.



Changes in 5.4.1:

- Improved software vertex clipper, helps to solve many minor glitches in many games
- Bug fixes:
Full screen bug, pure function call error
Texture LUT bug
- Games improved:
* Goldeneye, specially for multiple player mode
* Fighting Force 64
* Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero


What's new in 5.4.0:

1. A complicated and comprehensive software vertex clipper
2. DirectX pixel shader 1.1
3. Better CPU frame buffer support

The software triangle/vertex clipper is a very big deal, together with the existing Force Software T&L feature, it should get rid off almost all the geometry problems for most new video cards (video cards that were working slightly better with Force Software T&L feature on).

Pixel shader feature is another very big deal. Version 1.1 is just enough to support N64 combiners, and is widely supported by any DirectX 8/9 video cards. (See my previous video card poll thread). If your video card is DX8 or DX9 compatible, you will be very happy since almost all combiner problems should be gone.

Dr. Mario, Mario Tennis should working better now, at least these frame buffer effects are finally working on my Radeon 9600 now. (Yes, I have bought a 9600, so I can understand the Radeon problem and program the pixel shader feature.)

I will post a few shots later.

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Respect! Keep it real :)

Moving to real question - I've recently upgraded my oldie Radeon 7000 to GeForce 2 GTS. Do you think it does support any kind of shaders?

And moving to shaders - will it solve Kirby issue? Kirby had issues under every possible plugin on earth and wasn't playable... I'll check it that night but you might take a look at it yourself first :)


I'm using an fx5200 which card should i select? limited 3 combiner? pixel shader?

Ii'm kind of new to this lingo!

The new plugin works VERY well for me, but mortal kombat 4 is a little funky.

Dr mario works right out of the box though, so i'm ecstatic.

Puzzle league works too, but has slow downs, and the animation after the level clears is missing...

Over all this is super bad as. i'm just reporting bugs to help out.



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Sadly I have to inform you that the GF2 doesn't have Pixel Shader support :( GF3 and upwards (not 4mx) and Radeon8500 and upwards have it.

I'm using an fx5200 which card should i select? limited 3 combiner? pixel shader?

Try Pixel Shader.
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Wow, this sorts out all the issues I was having with your plugin Rice. I knew the plugin could sing as surreal64 showed me what 5.1.0 could do if tweaked. I tried every setting but I could never get my FX5200 to run nearly as nicely as my xbox ran it. Now it easily surpasses it, I shall switch back to using my pc pronto. (Except for 4 player stuff, Surreal64 still has the edge there for me.

Nice work Rice you and Gonetz seem to be on fire at the mo.


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XBOX does not suffer from the depth buffer / geometry problem, and color combiner code was tweaked just for its GF3 video chip, so it worked better than most new video cards.

AFAIK, the XBOX Nvidia chip does support pixel shader 1.1. It will also be benefited a lot from my pixel shader feature.


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amazing i´ve tested Wipeout64 and it works great with new pixelsader option!!!
i post some more after testing!!
wbr Shin Gouki


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Great job Rice. Working so much better with Radeon card. It's really sweet.

I did note however an issue that causes 1964 itself to crash when software T&L is NOT on. It happens for me on two different machines with two different sets of specs.

Anyway I posted a more detailed note in the BETA forum.


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I'm really impressed

Your Radeon9600 affected me.... it's MUCH better.........:p
I so impressed with this new release.......
I can run at full speed with 4xAA without frameskip!!!!!!!!! :):):)
EDIT: Slowdowns with 4xAA in zelda menu, reactivating frameskip.....
Software clipping solves all my problems (for now, in my first tests)
EDIT2: Heavy slowndowns with soft clipping in MarioTennis (render-to-texture faster or none FB (45Vi/s))
PixelShader is great improvement, but i get only a blackscreen in MarioTennis (no problem with other games)

For example my previous screenshots with rice 5.31:

My tests with new rice 5.40 (without Soft cliping, 4xAA):
Note that Zelda problems don't occur with soft clipping...
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Holy shit, Rice I love you!!! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL now!! Before with my ATI card I couldnt even use your plugin. Now with Software T&L and Software Clipper everything looks beautiful! I have yet to run into a problem, and it makes Zelda looks perfect! Thanks so much!

PS anyone know why it still takes a good 15 seconds to load the pause menu for zelda master quest?


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Rice, you're the man.
Dr Mario works perfectly with all options default. Even in stage 7, when you play against 3 others at the same time.

Obrigado. :D


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MarioKart.... PixelShader, 4xAA, 8xANISO, at fullspeed!:p:):p:)

Veracity said:
PS anyone know why it still takes a good 15 seconds to load the pause menu for zelda master quest?
This is a known issue....Use the subscreen delay cheat (download the lastest Gent's Official Cheat DB for 1964)
EDIT: You need to add it manually in ZeldaMQ....801DA5CB0002... works for me...
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Wow, nice to see another release of your great plugin. I'll have to download it as soon as I get home from class.


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Ok, here's my problem. Look at the enemy to the right of kirby. I suppose it should be a bomb, because after you eat it you turn into flamed kirby.

Does anyone know how to solve that problem? Kirby U/E.
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