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Rice Daedalus 5.1.0d


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Rice Daedalus 5.1.0

1. What's new
- Fully optimization and major speed up.
In both DirectX and OpenGL.
Intel P3/P4 SSE instruction for 3D transformation and lighting
OpenGL is now running at speed close to DirectX. (Could be faster on your video card.)
Running at similar speed as other fastest plugins (if not faster)
- Tooltips in configuration dialog box, (Idea borrowed from Glide64)
Explaining all options and their usages.
- Bug fixes for the problems found in 5.0.0 and 5.0.1
- Improvement on DirectX TNT combiner, OpenGL 1.2/1.3/1.4 combiner, and OpenGL TNT combiner

You should know that:
This plugin is developed by using Geforce MX400 32MB video card on a P3 500MHz PC. Its DirectX combiner works the best on Nvidia TNT/TNT2/Geforce256/Geforce2/Geforce4 MX. Its DirectX high-end combiner should work fine with new video cards which support 4 or more combiner stages. (ATI Radeon, and others). It poorly supports Voodoo3/4, OK with Voodoo5. I haven't worked too much for other mid-end or low-end video cards (May be the next release).

The speed of this plugin is very good now. I can run more game at full speed in 1964 at 640x480 window mode, on my low speed computer and cheap GF2 video card. You should expect better performance on your better PC with better video card.

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5.1.0 source code?

Email me if you are interested with the source code.


Rice... you are the man, you really are. You are the most active person in Nintendo64 emulation at the moment, and all of your work is top notch quality, this is a great release of your video plugin and the anticipated release of 1964 1.0 is very highly anticipated, keep up the good work rice, you make Nintedo64 emulation worthwhile. :D


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Very nice, but, you know...

People never get satisfied...

My Duron 700 is now crying for 3Dnow! optimizations... It would never have been the case if you hadn't implemented SSE... ;)

Seriously, keep up your great work :).


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SSE or 3DNow isn't a big deal. With SSE enabled, I usually only get 10%-15% speed increase since SSE only works for 3D vertex/matrix/lighting computation, and there are much more works in the whole 3D rendering. If you have a faster CPU, or a better video card, you don't need to pay too much attention to SSE/3DNow. (It is quite important for myself, since I only have a PIII-500 and Geforce2 MX400).

Here is the version 5.1.0b, DirectX full screen bug is fixed.


Ok nice, so we needn't really worry about 3dnow/sse. Great work, rice!
But what with those who has low-end processors athlon/duron? Perhaps you could fix 3dnow...I'm not asking you, too, though, your plugin is already great!


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beleve it or not Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (J) is now workink for the first time in emulation64 horay thank you rice you make my day good but its very slow when jump but its working :bounce:
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ya, sounds great.

Please spend time to fully test the plugin with your voodoo5, and summary all the problems you are coming across.

(I even don't know how good or how bad the plugin works on voodoo5.)



If Jabo's plugin have not very best compatibility with Voodoo 5, your plugin in DirectX mode have the worst - every second game cause emulator (not system) to hang (PJ64) or crash with no specific information ( blah-blah-blah kernel32.dll) (1964) Or maybe it's DirecX 9.0 ?

OpenGL 1.1 works ok (Jet Force Jemini looks perfect), but too sloooow (two times slower than Jabo's or Glide64)

Tried with my experimental OpenGL 1.3 (well, OGL 1.2 is hardware
and some of 1.3 functions is emulated) driver - faster (only little slower than Glide64) but prone to crash OS (it's not your plugin anyway, it's my buuuuuuggy driver)

Non-voodoo issues (stability related):
Wildcat VP990 - ok in DirectX mode, OpenGL 1.2/1.3/1.4 looks very
good but can hang completely sometimes (random freezes)
OpenGL 1.1 works but slow like Voodoo5.

BTW I'm happy to see CBFD running. It have funny bug - introducing blonde (maybe green, huh :unsure: ) masked Conker ! :D
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I think it is worth another update for the bugs I fixed for majority DirectX mid-end/high-end combiner users. Before the bug fixes, 2nd texture is not loaded as it should be.

I guess you won't see another update for long time.

I don't think I want to cover all video cards anymore. I will be only caring about my Geforce2 MX400. You will be lucky if you happen to have a video card similar to mine. Otherwise, Jabo and Glide64 will be your choice since you can take advantage of new plugins: glnintendo64() and this one.



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You may be interested to know Rice, that with 5.1.0b, i managed to get some of the graphics for Star Wars Rouge Squadron working, some of the credits showed up, and half of the N64 logo, then i could hear sound but saw nothing but a white screen.

The same basic thing happens for Indiana Jones and The Infernal machine only after the N64 Logo i can see some gear turning.
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I don't think I want to cover all video cards anymore. I will be only caring about my Geforce2 MX400. You will be lucky if you happen to have a video card similar to mine

Time to downgrade my GF3 then :)

The odd thing is, once your plugin was blazingly fast on my machine. Then with a new revision it became extremely slow in full screen mode in both D3D and OpenGL. Then I upgraded drivers and everything was fixed - then this version I have the same kind of problems. In Window it works fine (tried with latest version).

I'll mess about with some tweaks to see if I can find what is causing it, then I'll post it in the relevant section.


Fixed the problems I was having by forcing SW T&L using 3D Analyse, seems like my GF3 is being affected by the same problem Radeon users once were. See this thread here for further details :)
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Cranking out the great releases today! Roms running that never did, your on a role! Way to go Rice! One more thing, please try to get World Driver's Championship emulated, nothing else shows any part of it. Besides, it seems Indy and Rouge Squadron are straing to show for the first time. Also, Perfect Dark in 1964 runs at FULL SPEED! on my machine and with little/no errors. This is really great!