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returning in 2023 to discuss special dreamcast console model from hong kong


i've been a member of this forum since 2007 though i've returned to this forum in 2023 because i wanted to post a special model of the dreamcast console along with other stuff for historical/archival purposes, since nothing had been documented on these from back then. also the year of 2023 marked the dreamcast's 25th anniversery

dc hk.jpg

the above image showed a special model of the dreamcast console that sega had originally released for the hong kong market back in the year 2000, which plays NTSC-J games with the included 220v Voltage plug. the box is the same as the orange box of the japan model except the rear has english instructions and inside it came with english instruction manual as well.

this dreamcast console served as the later replacement for my canadian dreamcast console which malfunctioned here back in the mid 2000s, due to using it with a power transformer daily for hours on end (not good for hardware)

anywho since this local model dreamcast natively plays japanese games, i didn't need to use a boot disc to load my legitimately purchased japanese games like how it was on the canadian dreamcast.

that being the case, this revision of the console had the modem odmitted and replaced with a plastic cover, meaning that it can't go online because sega needed to cut back cost due to dreamcast sales plummeting here due to the advent of the ps2.

sak4 asian.jpg

the image above showed a boxed copy of sakura wars 4 for the dreamcast, except sega putted a pink label on it which reads as "asian edition", to indicate that these batch of copies were intended for the hong kong market back in late 2002.

dc mag hk.jpg

the photo above showed what was essentially the official dreamcast magazine here, called "dreamcast-express" which was dated 2001, featuring sakura wars 3 on the front cover of that particular issue.

back then sega was pushing really hard to keep selling more consoles with new games such as sakura wars 3, back then alot of people lined up to buy the game and some people who never had a dreamcast finally bought one to play sakura wars 3 due to the massive price drop, but the ps2 was still winning, and not even sakura wars 3 could turn sales of the system around.

as for me, i refused to buy sakura wars 3 back then because i was angry that sega changed sakura for the new girl erica, which i didn't like at first. but i ended up buying sakura wars 4 in late 2002 so that was that.


i was around the dreamcast scene here up until 2003 and there was a crapload of unsold inventory of dreamcast games being dumped over here from japan and even from the UK. nobody wants to pay for any dreamcast stuff no matter how much they were being discounted, everyone was moving onto the PS2

As for consoles there was a huge unsold stockpile of the aforementioned local 220V NTSCJ dreamcast models, along with another stockpile of PAL dreamcast consoles arriving here from the UK, again nobody wants to buy any dreamcast consoles during the reign of the ps2 so all of them were eventually scrapped and taken apart by another local company to make the so called "treamcast" later.


i remember how alot of gamers in the west were ordering dreamcast games from Lik-Sang back then, but the truth about those guys was that they were just a small shop here who tapped into the local inventory of used and new dreamcast consoles/games which have depreciated in value for next to nothing, then appropriated all those unsold inventory cheaply before charging western gamers a high price for dreamcast stuff on their online site, as a way of ripping western gamers off, bluntly speaking. by the way did you know those lik-sang guys actually named their outfit after a commercial building that was near their shop called "lik-sang plaza"?

i never bought anything from lik-sang as i could just buy locally here at the gameshops near me, though even back then ppl were saying the lik-sang guys were going to get in legal trouble for all the other dubious stuff they sell, and i heard that after they were raided by the police, some of their guys splitted and founded playasia, or somewhere along that line. later i remember seeing on the local news that they were taken to court, i don't know what became of them afterwards.

20 years ago back in 2003, i was also on gamespy's planet-dreamcast forum and at the time, the place was filled with gamecube kiddies making flaming post mocking the death of the dreamcast, whist constantly verbally attacking the dreamcast community and boasting about how the gamecube defeated the dreamcast, stemmed from their deep seated hatred of the console and their preceived inferiority of its hardware and games. at the time the mods did not do anything about it at the time, because a number of the mods already left for other gamespy communities such as planet-xbox or planet-ps2. so by mid 2003 i too left the planet-dreamcast community for good, as i grew tired of the constant flame war threads and childish rhetoric of the gamecube kiddies. so that's what happened back then those 20 years ago.
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