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retexturing Burnout 2: Point of Impact


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I did a bit of work retexturing burnout 2 a few days ago. I'm not a texture artist so I grabbed some images from google and used them here.





Some of my observations/notes:
-I could only load textures in OpenGL in r4525 (not with open GL in any other revision, or directX in any revision at all). I tried the textures both as .tga and .png.
-openGL was usually very slow(1-2 fps, sometimes it would be higher, like 25fps. I think it was using software opengl instead of hardware. It was so bad that it was the reason I gave up retexturing this game. If I could get directX to load textures and play at decent speeds, I might continue. similar to this problem, except my opengl worked some of the time instead of never: http://social.technet.microsoft.com...l/thread/f8c4af6b-2d9f-41db-a278-97f239e3f927
-Dumping textures worked with most revisions, including the latest one I tried, r7264. But, the filenames were different between 7264 and other revisions. For example, in that revision, GB4E51_352b545f_14 is the start screen for Burnout 2, but in r4525, the start screen was GB4E51_a1164c92_14.tga. If someone creates a hires texture pack for one revision, the textures may have to be renamed to be loaded with a new revision.
-when I dumped textures with directx in r7264, they were in .png format, but with opengl, they were .tga. Not that this is a big problem or anything, just you might need to convert between the two formats to retexture games.
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