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(Resolved) Using bsnesv085 and having controller issues.


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Perhaps this is a noobish issue and will feel silly when a solution rolls about. However I am using a Logitech Gamepad130f I wanna say. I cannot map the controller, on either setting (controller has "X" or "D" as settings on it). All of the drivers are installed for it, and it works on all of my other games and emu's. Am I alone here? Or is there a simple explanation for what's going on?


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I start to play emulator recently. I am using a SNES type game pad. I don't have problem for mapping.

click the link on my signature to see the pad.



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I actually figured it out, see the controller im using has "mode" button because it also has analog sticks. it also has the switch on the bottom which only effectively works if the controller has been unplugged and replugged. so by unplugging,flipping the switch on the bottom of the controller to "D", plugging it back in and BEFORE i opened the emu I had to switch it from analog to digital. And then open up the emu I finally got it to work. Took some troubleshooting!
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