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Resident evil speech dont work and not full Screen


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Instead of zipping pictures and attaching it to a post, you simply could have attached just the picture.

I'm also going to assume that you are talking about RE2 on the N64. It will be fixed when they get around fixing it. No point in asking when.

Enzo Dragon

Yep. RE2 is screwy. No emulator (that I know of) runs it perfectly, if at all.

Agozer was right, also. Next time, just attach the screen shot, not a .zip of two pictures.
i tryd to upload the pic on the site but it did not work so i zip it sorry mayb i nead picture converter where can i get it converter picture.

and wen i play some games on project64 it says Excepiton caught fie D:/myprograms/home/project64/project64 1.7/source/N64 System/N64 class.cpp .

i tryd the game on 1.6 works fine .


Several things
  1. I don't recomend using the abreviated english you have been. It's hard to read for people who have English as a second language, let alone for those of whom English is there primary language.
  2. Report the error to the PJ64 developement team as you are supposed to. That is a bug in there software that obviously doesn't exist in the non beta version. If you expect a beta to work better than an official release, you have very unrealistic expectations. It's a beta release for a reason.
  3. You should notice something that says "attach files" and a button beneath it labeled "Manage Attachments". It should bring up a little screen that allows you to browse your computer to upload attacments it also gives the sizes allowed. That is how you upload images. If it seems like it's taking forever, wait instead of cancel. It may take a long while.
  4. I don't recomend uploading BIG images in BMP format. Not only is that unwise, it will tick off people on the board. That is extremely wasteful of peoples connection bandwidth especially those on a modem. As for converting images, trying using "Paint" under accesories in windows (unless you are using vista then I can't tell you if it exists there) that will save to a JPG file if you select it when you do a save as (after loading a screen shot BMP). If the files seem too big change the resolution you are taking the screen shots at and redo.
  5. As for when it will be fixed, who knows. It took a logn time for Conkers Bad Fur Day to work, it had a similiar problem. It might be the audio encoding used for the speach also. For CBFD the trick was to copy the MP3 data directly to the PC's codec for it and let it do the work instead. If they used a different (IE non MP3) method for compressing the audio information, well that will take a while. CBFD used it's own MP3 player using the RSP code in the internal processor to do that for it.
  6. In PJ64 there are a list of issues displayed next to each ROM, unless you hid all the listing (for some unknown reason) you should know that the game has both video and audio issues just from reading the listing information.
This is a documented problem with the ROM, so I suggest before you post something, about problem or issue you are having you use the search feature to see if it's been discused. I'm not sure but you might consider the beta specific forums for PJ64 (I'm uncertain if they have them here or at there site). As a beta user it might be a good idea to read the information about being a beta user provided with the software by the very hard working PJ64 team that made it.

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