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Resident Evil 2 video/audio problems


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Whenever I try to play RE2, and someone talks in the game, the sounds gets loud and scratchy, so much so that sometimes I can't understand what they're talking about. And, the video also has alot of glitches. The game screen does not fit the P64 box, and sometimes pieces of a frames will stay on parts of the screen as the game progresses. Any help?


These are known issues with the game read this SEARCH ( I did it for you) regarding it.

Here is a page that gives you other details. There are numerous issues in any case flip down to Resident Evil on that page to get a suggestions. The audio is also a known issue, I believe it has to do with the fact the audio compression format used is custom (unlike conkers which used MP3) so apart from being able to emulate the custom opcode system set for the RSP .. this is a rather difficult task.



Cyb's right.

RE2 uses some features of the MusyX sound system for audio compression. This particular audio ucode tho is quite fussy on audio/core timing, which is why there is RSP voice glitches. PJ64 1.7 has most of the issues with MusyX audio fixed, but there's still some games that have issues. Also, the game uses a special depth buffer method, which manifests in graphics glitches on most video plugins. The only thing, atm, that can emulate it right is mine/ziggy's/Hacktarux's/Gonetz's/koolsmoky's Glide3x wrapper and Glide64 (since ziggy added the special depth buffer writing support to the wrapper to handle HWFBE for this game).