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Rendering slowing down over time - Help - Chip 8

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Guys I'm about to finish a chip8 emulator written in C++ on c4droid ( a C11++ and SDL IDE for android)

So far a lot of things are working such as counters, renderer, timers and input handling, but I'm getting a strange behavior while running it.

At first it runs at a good speed, but slows down over time.

Things I have tried:

1) Looking for objects created while on the main loop
2) Freeing all surfaces as soon as i'm done with them

My rendering function consist of just drawing SDL_Rects on the screen. And I'm only updating the screen every 10 opcodes
I'm not doing any Clear rendering in between updates, I also create button objects once per activations, and the buttons get filled and outline draw on demand... can multiple fillrects/draw rects be really slowing down the emulator that much?

Thank you in advance guys

**Freaking SDL_TTF was leaking all over the place. Fixed :D moving up to gameboy:D
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