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Regarding the Giri Giri thread..


Sorry, but many rules we've tried to stay by were broken in the previous thread. I've tried to save what useful info i could and starting a new one with the following disclaimer/info:

fivefeet8 stated:
Several Sources have stated that the GiriGiri project did infact go commercial.. Sega has now released the Sega B-club in Japan.. Essentially, you pay sega to rent their saturn games, download them, and play them on their own saturn emulator.. Which is in fact a farely well developed GiriGiri version.. It supposedly runs Panzer Dragoon, Nights, and several other A titles at full speed + sound..

Other sources also say that the Sega B-club is an extension of the Cyberdisk saturn emu from sega.. There is a link to the Sega B-club at the Cyberdisk website.. (http://cyberdisc.zaq.ne.jp/)

-distrobution of giri giri saturn will not be allowed b/c it's a commercial product and contains the saturn bios.

as stated in the "welcome" thread:

"First of all, i'd like to preach the rules of course (yep, its bugging but its my duty) ... do not talk about the following stuff in here:

o game ripping and/or burning
o where to download ripped games
o where to find BIOS files "

limited support will be given..

to run games from cd, in your

C:\WINDOWS\profiles\saturn\user.ini file, put

and then (from run) run giri giri with the -DISK switch.

hitting f4 will display the stats of the emulator in the upper left corner.

an updated dat, obtained from an unmentioned source, will be distributed on the front page of the saturn shack (http://saturn.emulation64.com/)

Obviously you can always increase performance by updating your drivers..
refer to this thread -> http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6297

if needed, you can find adaptec's latest ASPI Drivers here -> http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/su...no&language=English+US&cat=/Product/ASPI-4.70

I will also open a screenshot thread for those to post and show off their screenshots of various emu's and games for all to see. :)

sorry for the inconvience.
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