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Regarding my stupid desktop


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hi guys

recently my damn desktop (as opposed to the laptop im using now) has been randomly restarting. From what I can gather it seems to restart at anytime during the bootup sequence, when loading windows or while in windows.

Also on another note, my dvd burner on the same desktop has stopped reading dvd movies from the video shop, but will read dvds burned by me, and all cds. Im not sure if the two are related but they might be. any help would be greatly appreciated


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It can be a lot of things. Most probably a defective piece of hardware. Try to unplug your DVD, and see if your computer is stable then. If not, try to run something that stresses the hardware (Sisoft Sandra, for example), to determine if the intensive use of one specific thing causes a crash.

I've recently have a similar problem, with at first more or less random crashes (they were related to drives access, but not specifically to one of them), then Windows crashing everytime I logged in my session. Soon after, my hard disk became unbootable, then the bios stopped to recognise it.

RIP maxtor DiamondMax plus 9, 80 GB, ATA 133...

A RAM issue might cause the same kind of problems, too...


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ok i know that bumping topics over a couple of weeks is a no-no, but i didnt think it warranted a new topic,

anywya its been fixed not, turns out it was the psu. thanks for you advice guys.