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Recommended Plug-Ins?


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I have been playing around with different plug-ins for the last week. I have found newer ones on www.EmuCR.com. I have found older ones... all over the place :D I have so many versions and I don't know what the ideal set-up is. So far it seems Azimer Audio .70 WIP 10 (12/31/17) is the best audio and Nrage 2.3d (11/23/17) is the best input. Then I get to the graphics and RSP plug-ins and I have trouble...

1. Is there a diffrence between Glide64 "Final" and GLide64 (12/30/17)? Is GLide64 just an updated fork of Glide64 "Final"?

2. I have had some trouble getting Angrylion to run faster then 35-40 Vi/s but I think I like GLide better. Is the reason people enjoy with the Angrylion Plug-in that it looks closest to an actual N64? The graphics look smoother with GLide64, and I just want to make sure that is the expected behavior.

3. Are there better RSP plug-ins then the ones included with the latest versions of Mupen64 and Project64?

4. What is the best RSP plug-in to use with Angrylion in Mupen64? Same question for Project 64?

5. What is the best RSP plug-in to use with GLide64 in Mupen64? Same question for Project 64?

I have found some guides to the "best" plug-in but they have not been updated since around 2014 and I can't seem to find a more current suggestion. I have asked around on a few other forums and I haven't gotten much help. I know there are a lot of questions here but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!