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Real Life


Hi everyone.

Thought I'd let you all know Where I've been.

Jail over a weekend for contempt of Family Court. (Mommies court)

Evicted from my house.

IRS tax levi against my pay (left me with only 300 USD per month for 3 months)

My mother died on 9/11/2006. (I will miss her alot)

Work has a firewall setting to block me from emutalk. (Nice try!) :p

All in all I'm still kicking and hope to be active real soon!

Cya l8r



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icepir8 said:
My mother died on 9/11/2006. (I will miss her alot)
I'm sorry to hear that, I can relate to that as my mother died on April the 7th 2006, i'm only 22 and she was only 51... I miss my mother greatly as well. I will forever curse the year 2006 because it has been the worst year of my entire life. I can't wait till 2006 ends.

Real life sucks.


Sorry to hear that as well :/ But it's just a stage, life has a lot of those stages, soon things will be better buddy. :)


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Well, sorry to haer about your mother, and the other stuff. I wish you the best with your life


aww, shit this life is a bitch, sorry to hear that from you, but hey, cheer up ok? (that was awfull wasn't it?)


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That is all rough Ice, hang in there sir.

And Scott I'm sorry to hear about your loss as well.

both of you keep the faith. We all have to die eventually, but what matters most is how you live.


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Good to hear from you, I wish it was better news though. Very sorry to hear the news about your mother.


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Hey guys i`m sorry to hear that. I can`t immagine what you`re passing, but i can tell you sth, some weeks ago my friend`s mother passed away and his dad died when he was around 15 so now he is all by himself, he is 23 now. You have to stick to life with all yourself. Live boys. I know loosing your mother is a terrible thing. I don`t know what to say anymore just :
"BE HAPPY, LIVE YOUR LIFE". Sorry again.