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Quickie Question about 1964 Cheats


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Hey there guys! I've been using 0.7.3 for a while, also have hold of 0.8.3c. There seems to be an odd issue with the cheat system. As someone else had suggested, it seems that only the 'fire once and forget' codes actually work, any that require forcing a value don't seem to work. An example: WaveRace 64 (U) The codes it comes with normally, no updated cheat database. The code on the list for infinite course-out time does work, as that just flips a flag an is done. But codes for things like misses don't count, or bird's eye view, which require a certain state flag to be constantly set have no effect. Is this a bug with the cheat system, the way it's supposed to work? Can it be changed with options tweaks? Thanks for your time. :bunny: