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Question - how to configure NAOMI to play Power Stone?


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Hi. I tried playing Power Stone on NAOMI and found that several moves didn't work. I couldn't pick anything up, use any of the weapons, throw anything, or catch anything.

I have all the main face buttons on a wired 360 controller set up under Arcade 1 as buttons 1-4, and the triggers and shoulder buttons too as 5-8. Jump works, but feels odd because it's not on the bottom button (as for Dreamcast), and the character punches and kicks but won't throw or pick anything up. If I do get all 3 power stones and transform, I can't do the final attacks, which on the Dreamcast were the triggers. None of the 8 available buttons trigger the attacks.

I tried the Dreamcast version, and it worked perfectly. The obvious button mapping mapped directly to original DC pad settings, and once muscle memory kicked in (in about 30 seconds), I was happily handing the CPU its <rear> as per usual.

Just seems odd that for a NAOMI conversion, the button mappings should be off, or not working.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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I tryed something (with success).

After check Input in test mode, only directionnal buttons and 3 keys are availble. (up/down/left/right)+ A[Punch]/B[Kick]/C[Jump].
All actions are with that.

For get items, and use it u need to press A+B to get, and A again for use.
Super attack are available too-> Press A+C or B+C for each.