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Question About Mario Tennis 64


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Does it work with the latest Project 64 beta? I mean without any graphical errors. If it does, I will be willing to donate just like that. I sold my n64, because I had a gamecube, and I thought I could play all of the games using an emulator.


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i'll get it real quick and tell ya it's not error free yet but we are working on it
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Ironically, it broken in current build but you can use one of the older 1.7 builds (there's a whole bunch). Right now, I use 1.6 and Jabo 1.6 (Jabo 1.7 is not backwards compatable). But I don't think it's any better now though; except the menus are not squished as opposed to Jabo 1.6. Don't use 1.5.2!!!! I don't understand why people don't realize just how much better 1.6 is over 1.5.2.

If you are a 64 emulation fan though, I think PJ 1.7 is worth the 20$, especially given it won't officially come out until 2008.


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Yeah, I probably will donate anyways, it will be nice to see the changes made to the other games too. I just really want to play a Mario Tennis thats not ruined by powerups, lol.