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PSX emulator speed issues


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I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the PSX emulator? Their official board seems to be refusing new applicants so I can't respond to their questions on the same matter from 3 years ago.

In fullscreen mode the emulation is running at a constant 60FPS, but in windowed mode it's only running at 18-40FPS which you can imagine is choppy as hell. Rarely does it ever run at 60FPS in windowed mode. I've tried turning vsync off but that doesn't make much of a difference and still results in it playing very slowly in windowed mode.
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"PSX" the no-plugins emulator? what are your system specs (video, ram, cpu) and what game(s)?

If the system specs in your profile are right, that should be more than enough oomph for PS1 emulation - maybe it's an issue with windows 10?


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Yes that's the one smcd, and those stats in my profile are correct. Turns out the NVIDIA driver was bugged, a new one was just released and the emulator is behaving again.