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PSPMSX 1.2.0 Released *updated*


PSPMSX 1.2.0 Released

Category: <b>PSP</b><br><br>If you downloaded the relase before this update you want to reget the files as the following has been fixed:

I've uploaded a new version to fix a bug (psp freeze when changing the ram size in the default settings). Thanks to 7th-son for his feedback.

Original news:

- Huge speed improvements, it runs now faster than 60 fps using only 222Mhz PSP clock frequency
- IR keyboard support !
- New graphics and eboot icons
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- Add a new render mode (fit height)
- New speed limiter function
- Add option to display fps rate
- Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french ...)
- Bug fix and code cleaning

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:: PSPMSX 1.2.0