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PS2/PC USB Convertor help needed


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I picked up one of these from the shops yesterday:

Initially it seemed to work fine, the drivers installed properly, the pad was recognised and all buttons and rumble features worked.

I then proceeded to play some emulated games, they all worked great for a while before crashing or the pad losing all input. I thought this may have been a USB power issue, but monitoring the power usage shows it's only using around a quarter of what the port can provide.

After that I decided to try a PC game, all well to begin with- then again it caused the game to freeze. Often when it freezes the rumble feature will go absoloutely haywire and will not turn off until I go into the gaming options in the control panel to retest the rumble.

I'm using an Official PS2 pad, and a game Clone pad (both Dual Shock). Both have the exact same issues.

Any ideas to get this thing to work? Alternative driver suggestions especially welcomed.


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Just a quick update to say I've managed to find ways to solve some of the problems:

Either connect 2 PS2 pads or disable one of the 'virtual pads' in the device manager :)

Not sure if every issue is fixed by this, will have to do some more testing later. If they are then I'd give this adaptor 10/10, if they're not I'll give it 1 :p