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Project64k 0.12


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Author: hotquick, based on the Project64 1.4 source code
Status: Active

Known Issues
- Incompatible with the 0.1b version.
- When open the kaillera window, the following plugins will be loaded:
Jabo's Direct3D7 1.40 (Jabo_Direct3D7.dll)
Azimer's Audio v0.30 (Old Driver) (AudioHLE.dll)
Jabo's DirectInput7 1.40 (Jabo_DInput.dll)
This are the only plugins that work online for now.
- While kaillera dialog is open, keyboard shorcuts wont work (Alt + Enter for fullscreen, F3 for Generate bitmap, etc...)
- Use of controllers' plugins (mempak, rumblepak, etc) is not compatible for netplay games.